Lewes Artist Studio Tour

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Fall Tour – Sat., Sept. 20, 2014 – 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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Meet the artists . . .

The Fall Lewes Artists Studio Tour presents a unique opportunity to enter the working environments of 21 regionally and nationally acclaimed local artists.  These artists invite you to an informal introduction of their methods as they open their studios to the public.  Meet these artists, see them at work and perhaps win one of the works of art to be given away at each location.  The Lewes Artists Studio Tour promises a day filled with color and form, light and shadow and an inspired view of the Eastern Shore through the eyes of the artist.  There is no charge to take the tour.

Maps and brochures will be available two weeks before the tour at retail shops, hotels and motels in the Lewes/Rehoboth area, and also at the Chambers of Commerce.  Or you can click the image below and print the map on your own printer!

Map Only

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Loc. #1 – Kevin Fleming

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205 Samantha Drive        www.KevinFleming.com
800-291-7600 • kfleming@dmv.com


Kevin has covered the world as a photographer for National Geographic. Photographs from his books, Wild Delaware and Wild Delmarva, will be exhibited in his studio, as well as his newest book, The Beach.

Northern Cardnial 650

Rehoboth dune fence 650

Rehoboth jetty 650

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Loc. #2 – Barbara Warden

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211 Marina Drive    www.FireTalkArts.com

302-645-2735 • bfwarden@juno.com

Paintings, Drawings, Fiber

“Art is unthinkable without risk…”  Boris Pasternak

The immediacy of drawing has always had strong appeal for Barbara. At the beginning of 2012, she returned to drawing.





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Loc. #3 – Bert Long

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305 Ocean View Blvd. 
302-236-9828 • carvenwood@comcast.net

Wood Sculptor

Working in his attic studio, Bert hand-carves whimsical fish, caricatures, Santas and more from eastern white pine, basswood and tupelo.





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Loc. #4 – Lorelei Meanor

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102 Canary Drive      www.loreleismosaics.com
302-703-2660 • 65lorelei@gmail.com


Lorelei is a mosaic artist who uses the Henlopen region’s abundant nature for inspiration.  She works on many different surfaces from slate for stepping stones to wooden tray forms and pieces of wood for wall art.  Her work is always colorful and full of life. Mosaic classes are available and she accepts commissioned requests.


Tribute to Hockney


orbits copy

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Loc. #5 – Lacy Letonoff

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235 Second Street  
302-645-6614 • lacyletonoff@aol.com

Fiber Art

Lacy uses bold color combinations and designs to create dramatic, unique knitted clothing, employing both fair isle and intarsia techniques.


Web photo (3)


Web photo (1)

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Loc. #6 – Victor Letonoff

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235 Second Street  
302-645-6614 • letonoff@aol.com

Painting-Oils & Watercolors

Victor works primarily in oil and watercolor to paint portraits, still lifes and figurative works.  Like the Chiaroscuro artists of the Renaissance era, he uses light to create striking contrasts in his paintings.


photo (3)



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Loc. #7 – Susan Bartley

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423 W. Third St.              www.SusanBartley.com
302-745-3162 • suebartley@comcast.net


Susan, a metalsmith, designs and creates fine art jewelry.  She uses sterling silver, gold & semi-precious gems and is inspired by the gardens surrounding her studio.




Bartley Front


Bartley 1

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Loc. #8 – Diane Issel

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429 W. Third St.
302-703-2897 • dianeissel@gmail.com


Diane’s pottery is a combination of hand building and wheelwork to create colorful ceramic plaques depicting forms of nature, flowers, fruits and vegetables.  They can be hung inside or outside the home.  Diane is also creating vintage pottery handbags.  The handbags can be used as vases or letter holders.  It just takes a bit of imagination…..







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Loc. #9 – Steve Rogers

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328 W. Market St.
302-645-9030 • candletwo@comcast.net

Marine Paintings & Models

Steve Rogers paints marine and landscape scenes in acrylics of the Delmarva Peninsula and the coast of Maine.


Steve 100_1574

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